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Wrist Pain / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Nearly everyone suffers from some type of pain in the wrist and in the hand or fingers. Movements alone do not cause the pain, but repetitive use or daily wear and tear can lead to pain.

Wrist pain may start from a disease or injury that involves any structures in the wrist joint such as bones, ligaments, and surrounding connective tissues. Visiting your doctor is recommended especially if the pain restricts you from doing your everyday tasks.

Treatment for wrist pain may vary depending on the type of injury. Finding the right treatment is challenging because not all can help with your pain. Some can be harmful, some can be risky, and some can be ineffective at all. Still, the right treatments are just around. Those right treatments can be found here in our Buford GA office. For safe and natural wrist pain treatments, chiropractic and Sarapin are worth a try.

Structure and Function of the Wrist

The structure of your hand is complex. It has more than 25 bones including in your wrist. It can do numerous different tasks due to the strength and flexibility the wrist joint provides. Pinching and gripping are the two primary functions of the hand. Pinching uses thumb and index finger, while gripping is where your hand is closed around an object. Your wrist joint can extend upward or flex downward and can move sideways.

Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis are the two common causes of wrist pain. Both of these can be a result of repetitive use. People who are involved with a lot of pinching and gripping with bent wrist in their regular activities are susceptible to wrist pain. Other factors that increase the risk of pain are typing, sewing, playing tennis, and playing piano.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a result of compression in the median nerve from swelling. The median nerve is a main nerve that runs from your upper arms down to your hands and fingers. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are the following but not limited to pain, burning, numbness, or tingling in your palm, wrist, thumb, or fingers. You may find it hard to hold objects because the muscles in your thumb become weak. The pain may spread to your elbow.

Wrist tendonitis occurs when one or more tendons in your wrist joint are inflamed. There are many of these tendons that connect muscles from the forearm to the bones of the wrist and hand. There are small tears in the tendon fiber caused by overuse, repetitive action, or injury. This results to inflammation. Symptoms of wrist tendonitis are pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Treatments for Wrist Pain

Treatment for wrist pain may differ depending on the cause. The problem may not improve to all treatments. However, addressing the pain as early as possible has more chance for a complete recovery. Most often, wrist pain can be treated without surgery. Cold therapy, proper ergonomics and wrist use, and exercise are the usual treatments to relieve pain. If these methods do not work, chiropractic or Sarapin injection may be the solution.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic adjustment is an excellent treatment for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Many people are unaware that the discomfort in their wrist may originate from their spine. It may come from their neck or upper back. Your chiropractor will focus on the spine and perform adjustments to where the root cause is. Other structures affected by wrist pain like shoulder, elbow, and muscles that surround your neck may also be treated if necessary.

Your chiropractor may use manipulation in the joint of the spine and extremities, ultrasound, and wrist supports. Resting, using ice, exercises, or using brace may be included in your chiropractor’s recommendations.


Sarapin is a natural solution that works in reducing pain and inflammation. It is equally effective to cortisone but does not give harmful effects to the body, making it an excellent cortisone alternative. Sarapin can also be used for small joints such as in your hands and feet.

If you are looking for safe and natural treatment, you can find it in our Buford office. We can help decide the right treatment for you!

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